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TOLL FREE: 1-800-544-8156
FAX: 1-877-307-7056

Residential Warranty Services (“RWS”) has been offering home warranties since 1988. We are the market leader in many areas of the country, and growing in other parts! We currently offer one-year warranties in Indiana, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, D.C., Idaho, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Maine, Connecticut, Alabama, and New Hampshire.

Coming soon to California, Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Utah, New York, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Vermont, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wyoming, Georgia, New Mexico, and Nevada!

Check out our exclusive SIMPLE policy that covers 75% of the items specifically excluded by our competition! It also has no pre-existing conditions with a home inspection and the option to choose your own contractor!

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Where available, we offer valuable resources for homeowners such as remodeling contractors, homeowner’s and auto insurance, and outsourcing services.